Her Freedom was Killed

She came quietly to the room and shut it down. She stood in front of the mirror and analysed herself. Was she changed? Did the incident change me? Am I unhappy? Am I happy? She could not find an answer. She had thought she would cry but the tears decided to keep quiet. Her shrinked forehead was giving hint of being confused. She stood up and looked towards the bed. Her bed was messed up as her life was. She cleared a portion, pulled a pillow and lied down. She looked towards the window. The quietness in the room was being disturbed by a humming bee. It was unconvincingly trapped between the windows and was struggling to be free. She at once stepped towards it, and watched the bee. All it wanted was the freedom and so was she. She was also trapped in life, and was trapped unconvincingly. Today, she took a bold step for her freedom, but when she was back, she was confused either she gained her freedom back or was more entangled in the trap. Was it what she wanted? The bee was slowly moving out, when it was about to be fly, she pushed it in the trap. She was jealous of its freedom. She didn’t want others to enjoy when she was deprived. Bee had to again start from the zero level but it wasn’t tired a bit. She was angry and each time it used to find the way, she used to push it. She went back to the bed and watched the bee again. She was enjoying its pain as others were enjoying hers. Slowly, her body was relaxing and she fell asleep for a while. When she opened her eye, the bee was nowhere. She went mad. She searched for the bee. The room was locked and the window was closed. The bee had to be within the room. The bee came humming and step in the wall. She could not control her anger and killed the bee. When the bee was again struggling for death, she at once related herself with the bee and she regretted if only she had set it free before.


  1. hmmm...it must be your random feelings... Though it might be true in some cases, but writing seems much feminist... :P

  2. Feminist??? I didnt write it from this angle, but u r free to interpret it in your own way......

    May be the men need to be taught what is the difference between feminist and equalist :)

  3. May be, I was wrong. But its also true that, we can interpret, these things in our own way, unless & untill we don't know the exact/partular plot/background of the story.

    And may be someday, you can taught us about the difference between feminist and equalist. :)

    I've called feminist in a sense that, you are only talking about her, may be her struggle and her situation... And sorry I was unable to differentiate between feminist and equalist in this writing.

    Anyway, keep writing, thus I can understand you more clearly.


  4. frst comparing life to messey bed and than comparing freedom to bee..nice touch

  5. @ aakar, no need to feel sorry in it :) ..... we learn when we discuss....:D.....and anonymous thanx

  6. Story ended much before disclosing many facts about herself. How her freedom was killed, and how her life was so messed up like a bed? Did she lose something special in the grab of achieving something? So many questions are unanswered and makes it even more curious! Hope to see these all questions answered in another post.

  7. the title "Her freedom was killed" seems least relevancy to the contents and subject matter... i meant the post has not clarified what exactly had happened so that we could conclude that her freedom was killed..
    if i m not wrong then u must have created first bringing "she" character in your mind and then supported by bee character..or u tried to relate both characters she and bee with their same situation but bee has been presented here to symbolize her situation more..nice

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