Will you go for cohabitation?

Do you think you should get married for sexual relationship or you think the legal ties as the essentiality for marriage? If your mind is not setting any consent on it, then for sure you believe in cohabitation.Though the entire architecture of our society dare not to accept it, the western society has already allowed it a permanent visa. A relationship that is all like marriage but without any legal provision is what cohabitation symbolizes for.Of course, the relationship initiates from love and generally with a goal of getting married. Some may even do so but most of the results turn out to be a failure as the foundation of it is generally the momentary or the romantic love which is uncertain and frazile. Cohabitation is simply preparation for marriage and it claims that one’s partner can be known and analyzed seriously before marriage so that apt decision can be made either to continue the life with that very partner or not. Some see it as an attempt to free oneself from the legal ties and a replacement for marriage and mostly in the divorced people the rate is alarmingly high.The reduction of fear of pregnancy among the women with the introduction of contraceptives, the feminist movement, sexual awareness among people and less social stigma are the factors responsible for it. Now most people in United States prefer cohabitation than marriage and the number of unmarried American couple has increased upto ten folds between 1960 to 2000. It is believed that 41% of the American women aged 15-44 have cohabitted once in their life-time.Of course it has made sexual matters easier to talk with but the negative consequences that it can bring cannot be ignored. Living together mostly ends in separation and it’s the women who suffer the most. Teen-age pregnancy, single parenthood is some of the consequences that it may lead us to. Along with it arises the question of economic inconvenience for a woman to rear her child, the right of a child to get both paternal and maternal love and many more. Moreover the surveys have clarified that living together increases the rate of divorce. The couple that has lived together before marriage cannot have a better marital life and a strictly monogamous woman can only experience orgasm rather than other.While analyzing the cohabitation, as the by-product of modern, busy and technological century, are you sure that it is going to fulfill all your expectations ranging from emotional, sexual and economic needs? If you are, then it is your most suitable option.


  1. i think cohabitation is a gud thing for this century. Knowing your prospective spouse wud be a gud thing b4 u get married to. but it doesn't suit to the scruples of easterns.

  2. i wud go for a cohabitation, given assurance that my counterpart has no issue with it.

  3. norms and values of easterns are changing. so, i think it will not take many years for this culture to be prevalent over here.