my 6th sem

6th sem did not interest me a lot!! i have just taken some classes and i felt bored!! there are tourism and development, research, environmental law, nepalese economics and project management..this sem is full of assignments... TENSION JULA

two teachers are repeated.. i do not like the re-entries..

the days are being boring now a days.. i am hoping for some change. may be the HOLI camp that i am going to participate will bring some change.. anyways NJ project is on the way... i hope to enjoy there a lot...


  1. herana!!! nautanki!!! class ma aye pachi halla baheyk kehi gardaina aja boring re!!! jpt

    tara we love ur company alot!!!



  2. same here...TENSION JULA...assignments assignments and assignments le...oh ! wat a coincidence, m in 6th sem too...ani ahile samma kai sabaivanda tension ahile kai sem ma feel vaako chha...i hope, m not late to comment on it...hehe :P