For My Birthday Girl!!!

I am surprised that I have not forgotten your birthday this time. By the way, to remind you, its the second time that i have not forgotten your birthday since we met. I miss those moments when i used to completely forget your birthday and u used to call me in a very angry tone. When we were together, I never remembered your birthday and now when we are far, I remember this day vividly. Distance has taught me to treasure the special and favorite people in my life. 
Most of the people in this world might know how to make friends but very few people know how to keep the friendship and you fall in the second category which makes you special among the people. Dont get too happy coz u can also be equally annoying and irritating at times. And your attitude.... O MY GOD...!!! 
But still you are the queen of my heart and i am always amazed the way you understand my silence. I loved the first time when u came to my house with so much of chicken noodles on the official first date with my boyfriend to celebrate it. I loved that you were the first person to come to meet me in my house everytime i went back. I loved the way u scolded me for not coming with you after convocation. I loved the treat you gave us in a VEG restaurant before going to US and called for a peaceful meeting at Boudha. I loved your company when we spent nearly two hours searching for "Haansko Chhoila" upon my insistence. I also loved when u took me to Photo Concern to click photo in my convocation dress. I loved the balloon you bought me for my birthday. I loved the way u give me company when i get drunk. Above all, I always love being in a priority liSt :) 

With love 

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