time for me..

i was thinking about myself today and its not new for me and may be everybody think about themselves quite often. i was analysing my positive and negative aspect and i am really confused with it. when one has to criticise about others, its so easy but when its time to criticise oneself then it becomes much difficult. sometimes i think myself as a very good girl, i have so many reasons to consider myself as a good girl.. i think i have clean heart, my grades are good, i am friendly so and so...but sometimes i think myself as a most artificial lady in this world. everytime i am adjustiing with the situation but where is my own wish? is life all about compromisation? but the main fault is i don't really know what's my wish either? in fact i don't know what i want? really an aimless girl..


  1. just to have a commitment to be a nice person is almost enough to be a nice person.
    but i dont kno abt it. i do analyse my doings too, and ask myself if that was rite thing to do? if dat was the rite thing to think?
    but who shall answer me anyway?

  2. yea we have so many questions for ourselves whose answer either we do not know or we do not want to hear and realise.. many questions are still unanswerable but sometimes i take spiritual support to find a way out but in very few cases..