when this day approaches...

i do not regret for not having someone special till this date, however when feb 14th comes near and when it brings a romantic environment along with it, i also start to think about a love life. i had read somewhere that every love story is an individual one and cannot be generalised and i feel very true to its meaning. i also feel that i have learnt so many things till this date about relationships. no one in this world is perfect and your partner is also not an angel to be very perfect. every one has loop holes.. so its not good to have so many choices because then you start comparisons and the comparisons are very fatal for relationships. now i have realised that my partner is going to be a very ordinary person. he is not a hero of a film to cross several mountains and oceans to meet you. he is a very ordinary guy and its your eyes that sees him extra-ordinary.. i sometimes regret for my past relationships but they were also lessons for me for the future relationships.. i know that god has definitely got someone for me.. so at last be positive..


  1. i m like totally skeptic abt my success in getting a girlfren i want. so i hope my parents get me a nice wife coz i gotta do darn arrange marriage at the end.

  2. i had really thought of getting a boy of my dream before.. but now i am frustrated and hopeless to get someone of my dream.. so i had once even thought of going for an arrange marriage but still the hope remains.. what to do?