youth issues...

our country is in the phase of political transition and even the new constitution is being made. the new constitution will be made on participatory approach in order to include the real voices of the people and to make the real citizen feel their ownership towards this issue. i had even attended some programs regarding the youth issues in the upcoming constitutional assemble. the main problem i find is the recognition of youths in the decision making process and in the planning . though youths are considered to have high potential and high energy, their energy is being wasted in fulfilling the mere interests of ceratain parties and political leaders. they are considered to be the physical strengths but never the mental backbone. that's why, youths are always seen in the streets but never in the position. the constitution needs to define who the youts are!!! what is their age bar? we do not need a new Nepal where the person in white beard and an old age stick is considered to be youths.

the another main problem faced by youth is unemployment. there is no value for their labor, there is no value for the certificate which they hold because there is nothing in the education sysytem that they get. the education system being more theoritical hasn't been able to add the vocational and practical asset to their career. people read management for five years but at the end of the day, they even do not kow how to write a job application. people read media studies but they do not know how to write the news at the end of the day. this is not the education system that is needed in new nepal. this is the education system that brings unemployment in the country. our education system should be towards creating opportunities for the youths.

the crux of problems for the Nepalese youths are these two. however, no problem remains in an isolation but it always results in the chains of new problems. these problems have also led to a chains of new problems in nepal..........

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