whenever my board exam starts, i always start to make plans about my holidays... i spend hours and hours after the fantasy of such holidays.. just thinking to do this and that.. as if i will break the stones and turn over the structure of this whole earth.. however some rightly say that the grass on the other side always looks greener and when we reach the other side we are no more fascinated by it.. the same happpens time and again to me as well.. i had twenty five days of holidays and now its only three days left for the college to restart.. but when i remember any remarkable achievement. ALAS! i am blank.. no plans fulfilled.. just the days passed and i remained there with no more further development.. then i always regret for doing nothing during this period..


  1. it is the same case with me, well most of the times. whenever the exam brinks, i realize that i have wasted all the preparation leave days into doing nothing. then i make a promise that i will cover up all the chapters in the vacation as i barely survive in the exams. then when the college re-starts, i curse myself for squandering the holidays into doing nothing again. sedentary days, procastinating attitude, and a cranium with inert brain is what defines me i guess.. TOMORROW NEVER COMES, THAT MIGHT BE THE REASON WHY I DON'S CARE FOR TOMORROW..

  2. i think may be the lack of commitment is the serious problem and even we are so careless about time management. one man has rightly said, "mn talk of killing time while time quietly kills them."