Oh yea I need to compare these two writers. Of course they both have, I mean to say George Orwell and Paulo Coelho, their own style of writing and their own way of describing things. So, may be i am being unfair by comparing. So, rather than saying comparing two writers I would like to put myself on the safe side by saying comparing the feelings I had when I read these two novels. By doing this, I can individualise my feelings and be fair to both of them.

It was the second novel of both the writers. I think the way of thinking and the subject matter hadn’t changed profoundly. However, one thing was that I became even greater fan of George Orwell but the intensity with which I had liked Paulo decreased. My considerable time was spent in catching the pace of the book, 1984 and it took me much time to complete around first 50 pages of the book. In the other hand, i could go smoothly with the book of Paulo in the first but i spent much time to complete some last pages of the book. It meant that the book could not catch up with my interest till the end which made me disappointed. In case of Orwell, more I used to turn up the pages; more I used to get interested in which I liked about it. The novel was flawless till the end. He had written in the same subject matter as in his previous novel but his presentation was so unique that I liked him even more.
Sorry Paulo for such remarks but it’s what I felt while reading this novel, may be it cannot be generalised but it’s what I felt.

Now when i am done with comparing my feelings, I want to talk about the book that I have been reading now. Rather than the book, the thickness of the book upsets me a lot. I have just completed few pages and it’s interesting till now. I have not dared to look the page number of the last page coz I don’t want to lose my self confidence. Of course I will again blog what I will read. If I am patient enough I will be completing the whole book and not I will even write if I leave it in the middle.

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