i love my dreams!!

Today when I was about to tell my sister about my dream, my sister sarcastically remarked, “your dreams are always those scientific ones”, then I realised that its been quite amazing that I have been seeing scientific dream these days. Same sort of dream, I had even seen today but I have forgotten about it by now.

These led me to have some sort of investigation about dreams. So, I entered into the internet world and type “dream” in Google. In one of the websites called dreammoods.com it was written that the dreams were the means of our self exploration and that we should try to explore our dream as much as we can as it represented our state of mind and reality. I even searched other sites and I was more convinced that no one has ever been able to clearly define about dreams. It was interesting to learn that we spend 6 years in our normal lifespan just dreaming. Dreams, as I think are interesting as it gives us a new horizon of thinking. The things that we cannot do and most probably cannot see, dream gives us an entry to this type of world.

Some days back I had seen a dream. There, I had been camping with some of my friends at a “chowk”. However,. I don’t remember its name. It was very exciting that we all friends were gathered together and we were counting the stars. Suddenly, my eyes caught a very bright object. It was just like the globe, that blue ones. It was spinning very fast in the far above sky. As my preconcept, I thought though it was blue it might be moon. I called everyone and we observed that object. However, in no time, the object was spinning very fast and was making a way to us. We were so afraid that we ran as fast as we could. As we ran very fast, we could hear that object crushing the ground and leaving the place with a groundbreaking earthquake. Then, we went to consult a scientist, she was a foreigner. We thought as if it was a spaceship of aliens but the lady confirmed that it was a meteor. We were very surprised by it. I think this might have been a result of some of the movies and trailors that I have been watching in the starmovies. However, one thing striked me was my image of a scientist. May be still in my sub-conscious mind, I always think that the image of scientist is always of the white one but I am happy that I have seen “a woman” as a scientist.

However, it may not have been only the result of the films and the trailors that I watch in the English channels because I had seen a similar sort of scientific dreams when I was studying in Grade 11. I didn’t use to watch that much films in those days. That’s a very interesting one because its not only scientific but a scientific love story. In that story, there was a girl, not necessarily me but it might be me. I saw the solar system in my dream. There were planets but there was no Mars. There was Earth and directly Jupiter. Once, what happened was that the earth and Jupiter were about to be so close which might mean that the population of the planet were in danger. God gave options. However, I don’ know why the girl was chosen by the God, but it was as if, if the girl requested that he should stop all these things, he would stop. But, there was a condition that if any wrong happened the girl was to be punished. Girl had the power to stop God and so if anything happened she would be responsible. The girl with her common sense thought that the gravity of both planets will not allow them to be that much close and she didn’t request the God. However, what happened was, Jupiter and Earth collided and earth stopped to spin. It was still and that the life on the earth had gone all wrong. Now, as per the condition the girl was to be punished. As per the punishment, she was kept in a swinging material. It was of immeasurable height and one could not see the end of the rope. She was kept over there and allowed to be pushed. Once she was pushed she would make her way to the sun and then again came back. It was amazing that she would not die but be burnt and heated by the sun. it would be continued until she would die. Yea, I have not forgotten that I had told this story as a love story as well. Interestingly, the man who was allowed to push her was her boyfriend. He was so frustrated to kill her own girlfriend that he ran to a mountain and cried “I have reached to superego”. In this way, my dream ended. I still love this dream so much and on that morning when I woke up, the first thing I did was to write every detail in my diary because I was afraid that I might forget my wonderful dream.

Its sometimes good to have these kind of dreams. At least I feel good when I see these type of interesting dreams.


  1. howdy...we will go campin one day for sure.....hehe

  2. yeah, whatever we see in dream... we love it... sometime we enjoy, sometime we scared in our dream...bt at bottom-line, we love our dream...
    But till date, no one has ever been able to clearly define about dreams...
    liked this post very much....bcoz i simply love to see dream everynigt :)