I think about this a lott.. may be most of the people in this world also think same as me. Its somewhat crazy thinking or may be again another time past. I had written it a long ago and today i wanted to post it in my blog.

Life is purposeless if you really think hard. Such a big universe and earth like a corn of and sometimes I laugh seeing the craziness of this world. I have to wake up early. Brush my teeth, go to college and study for my exams. I really think hard...so what?? For what?? People say development means competition; development means roads, money, roads, laptop, a good job, a happy family but is it really development???? A big question for myself. Sometimes, I think life is a time past. I have to spend my time at any cost. It’s my compulsion. So, I invented schools, mom gets busy dressing me up for school and my time is passed in school from 10-4. Sometimes, I think about knowledge as well. I think knowledge has made a simple life complex. Complexities everywhere. Knowledge has intervened too much on my life and freedom. Ha ha may be I am being radical but I know the frustration that has usurped me. Sometimes, I look back upon myself, my childhood and I have sympathy for myself that knowingly unknowingly, I have been a part of this big race where I will be a loser no matter either I will fall or walk till the end.


  1. hahaha... yes we are crazy......if we keep on thinking this and that, then it surely leads us to frustration....sometime i feel, why it is happening ? why we are doing this and that ? where's the end ? what is the limit of our craziness...but at the same time, i think, anyhow, we have to move on, we have to do something for us for nation... :)

  2. Life has no meaning a priori … It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose

    - Jean-Paul Sartre

  3. Everyone goes crazy in life but how much you go, it depends on us and how we life also depend on us. Sometimes in craziness we spoil our life but without spoiling we need to go ahead and life goes on. It depend upon u hpw u make ur life beautiful.