Nepali politics

I don’t know what to write about my country. Now I am here in my room and I will not go out, I don’t know for how many days. It is because the so called decisive Andolan is going on. Every time we people go out in the street and every time we are in the street for so called “Nirnayak Aandolan”. We have been in the street since 2007 B.S. and everytime we are for this “Nirnayak Aandolan”. What a tragedy of Nepal. Our country has become a land of revolutions. We are lucky to see the revolutions in every decade.

I know that politics is not a dirty game and the players themselves are dirty, the system is dirty. I know as a citizen of this country, I have many responsibilities towards it. I love my country, I want it to be developed but......... may be this political culture is very immature and is dirty. I hear the speech of so called leaders and I laugh. “Sahamati and Sahakarya”, i.e. “consensus and cooperation”- this is very common phrase in every speech of leaders but the tragedy is that it is always limited in the speech only. No one is cooperating and there is no consensus built.

I was really hopeful towards Maoists though I don’t support the communist rules. After all, they had come from 12 years of civil war and they know the miseries and voice of the people..but alas it was my dream. It was like building a castle in the air. At first Maoists were in the government, everytime the other parties especially, congress was busy in the conspiracy to remove them from the government. We went to the election after such a long time, we voted for the people and when the party with the majority vote formed the government, it was overthrown. Of course, I also consider that Maoists are also not getting support and cooperation from other parties. Now, again under the mercy of GP Koirala and India, another government formed under the leadership of Madhav Kumar Nepal, who lose the election in two places. Now, he wants support to run the government from the Maoist party, to whom he had never supported when it was in the government. AND I CALL THIS IS THE TRAGEDY AND THIS IS THE IMMATURE POLITICAL CULTURE. Everyone wants support from the other parties when it is in the government and everyone is busy in the conspiracy to remove the government when it is out. In this sense, now we can make parallel government so that every one can have power and money.

It seems like they have forgotten why they were in the government. People can trust no one. They say they are doing it for people. If I am also included in it, they are doing it for me. This all sort of political bargaining and conspiracy, they are doing it for me and my future.. he he what a good pretence.

May be until and unless this generation remain, nothing can happen, either they all should be killed or sent to the Arabian countries so that they can earn and pay the debt upon Nepal.

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