Earthquake: My experience

This time when the earth is shaking to adjust its plate, I thought it might be a nice thing to pour down my own experience about the quake. When the magnitude of 7.8 reichter scale shook Nepal, I was not here. I had been to India for my convocation. When I heard that there is a big earthquake, Dharahara is no more and Basantapur is no more, I was quite worried about my family. Moreover, the network system was worst and I could not contact my family for quite a while. Though later on, I was able to make contact, I could not talk to them for a long period of time. Tomorrow morning, I had flight to Kathmandu and as I didnt have any personal sim card, I was almost out of communication for a very long time. On my way, I was thinking that Kathmandu has been completely destroyed and there is nothing left in Nepal: Thanks to the Media!!! The media made me felt that my family is relying on dry food, there is no water, there is high chance of diseases and all. I took some dry food in my bag in case there is nothing to eat and I also asked for extra water on the plane, coz I was thinking Kathmandu has ran out of water!

At Delhi Airport I had to wait for quite a long time as there was high traffic in Kathmandu airport. At first the flight was delayed. When we boarded the plane, the plane was grounded for more than two hours and the plane had to stay above the ground for more than one hour before landing because of the heavy traffic. My friend had come to receive me at the airport. When I rode from airport to my place, Kapan, the view was quite normal. The situation was not as bad as I had imagined of. When I went to my house, being a one storey house, my house had become somewhat like a refugee centre. My parents were living inside including my sister. I also slept inside the house. People were cooking and eating. It was a kind of picnic inside the tent. I could see how the community harmony had increased. People were helping each other and sharing what they have with each other. I was getting to know the people around me. It was quite an experience. Later on when the quake didnt stop making people flee from their houses time to time, people were laughing later on describing how funny they looked while running.

Everyone had understood it is the situation of national crisis, and they have to help each other. One time I saw my mom was full in tears, when I asked her what has happened, she said the people in Sindhupalchowk had not got the relief package and they had to live in the open air. Most of the young people I met, everyone wanted to do something. I was not an exception. I also wanted to contribute at least from my side. My next blog  post would tell the detail!

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  1. I must say,it was a life time experience you missed,,how thrilling it was.I read your posts,some short,some llong but like expression of your views,,I too have started writing ,,if you wish you could visit