Weekend get away!

I love to hike and I love to travel to different places. As I am busy in weekdays, me and my friend have made a deal that we will go for morning walk to a new place on every Saturday. On May 28, 2016, we gathered two more outgoing friends and decided to go to Bisankhu Narayan. We gathered at Satdobato at around 6 am and then we took Satdobato-Godawari road. We went in bike till Godamchaur, had some breakfast and then we four headed towards Bisankhu Narayan. As we were confused about the direction, we asked some locals and started our hike, from the football ground of Godamchaur. From Godamchaur to Bisankhu Narayan is just 2 km walk. One could even take bike to reach there, but we prefer walking. Out from the congested valley, it welcomed us with the freshness and greenery.

However, within fifteen minutes of our walk, it rained and so we had to wait for five minutes till the rain stopped. As soon as it stopped, we headed towards the temple. The temple is well kept and well maintained. There is also a small cave like structure in the temple, where you can test yourself by entering through it. It is believed; if you are able to pass through it, you are an honest person! Thank God! I passed the test :P

After prayers, we continued to hike, and what we found was an amazing place! The place was like a viewpoint, surrounded with trees. One could have view of valley from there. There were rocks with different shapes and also small trunk shaped sitting structure. We had pictures in different pose over there. We really enjoyed taking pictures over there

 We decided to further explore the place and hiked towards the village. The trail was just amazing. The villagers had grown different types of crops. We were also disheartened to see the damage done by earthquake in the village. The people were simple and busy in their own way of life. Luckily, we found plum tree (aarubakhada) and the people over there offered us to eat as much as we can :D  One of us climbed the tree and we ate around ten plums. We thanked them and made our way further to the next village.

As we hiked further, there was a small settlement. There was even picnic spot and people were coming for picnic. Then, we came down from different route. The trail was simply amazing. However, we found the people had to come a long way, to fetch water. We met the local people on our way and we talked to them.

The scene was very beautiful. Most of it, we captured in our heart and some of them, we also captured in our photos. Within short distance from the crowded valley, we were refreshed to go to the awesome place like Bisankhu Narayan. It was an excuse for get-together with friends and also a chance to visit a new place.

Some useful information
Place: Bisankhu Narayan
How to reach there?
Public Transport: Take Satdobato-Godavari Road, and take your stop at Bandegown, walk from Bandegown to Godamchaur (20 minutes) and from there walk till Bisankhu Narayan (30 minutes). You can hike further from there.
Private Transport: You can reach directly to the temple and even further to the village. There is black-pitched road till the temple and to reach the village, there is an off-road. 

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