Breathing Roads of Kathmandu during strike

Yesterday, it was the second day of strike and I went out to get some fresh air and to hang out with the friends. “Strike”, of course is not a positive thing for an economy of the country. There have been strikes many times in the world and some of them were for the good causes and some were not. This time I call it not for a good cause because I don’t see any good about it.

However, yesterday when I was walking through the main road of Ring Road with friends, we all could feel the fresh air, clean road and healthy atmosphere. Especially the road from Narayan Gopal Chowk to Sukedhara, I must say that the roads were breathing after many days. Many strikes are followed by the burning of tyres and the positive thing about this particular strike was that there were no tyres and no burning flames of them. It was the beauty of Kathmandu that we were feeling at that time and its a rare opportunity as its populated with vehicles most of the times. It had rained during the day and the atmosphere was also not dusty at all. So, the strike will definitely favour the radical environmentalists, I can bet that the oxygen level was really high at that time. This is one part of the story but we all know the reality of Kathmandu Valley. The private vehicles are increasing in an alarming ratio and the main factor behind it is the poor service of public vehicles. Traffic Jams everywhere and..... I don’t want to remember this part when we are talking about the positive things.

Again one thing strike us when we were returning home, there were a group of people who were stopping the vehicles especially bikes and throwing stones at them. We don’t think they were from the Maoist party. My friend interestingly remarked. “its the fight between haves and haves not. You don’t have a bike and the others are enjoying it. Strike is the right opportunity to pour your anger.” I thought his remarks are also right to some extent. However, it’s also been a means of entertainment, the boys were from around the town and they were having fun to pass their time like that. What a culture that has been developed in Modern Nepal!!!!!
Another interesting thing that we did was the search of “Chappalkarkhana”. It’s a famous place but we have not seen it till now. So, we went on a search for it, though we didn’t find it. However, we jumped to the conclusion that the inner roads are more polluted during strikes than the main road.

Another impact of strike that we felt that day was the “food”. We went for “Kulfi” and it was stale. There was foul smell and we wonder how a man can sell it. It made me Rs.30 loss as we didn’t even take a bite and threw it. We didn’t eat momo as it would also be stale. Another problem of Nepal we thought “the storage” capacity of food. There is no proper storage system and when there is continuous strike, we can imagine the condition of food and the health impacts caused by it. The impacts have been already seen in the Maoist camps where many people are suffering from the diseases like diarrhoea, Jaundis and fever. Its mainly due to unsystematic settlement and unhealthy food. I really feel pity for them but I salute their devotion to the party and I hope if every people of our country could have the same devotion, not for a party but for the country.

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